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Show Me

A ‘Show me’ person is practical and down-to-earth.

Top tips for this style:

Meet more "Show Me" people

Olli, Manchester uni student
As a 'show me' person, I connect to Jesus by thinking through the difference he makes to my life and what he’s changed in my day-to-day since I came to know him. I share Jesus best when I see someone who has a need that I know He can meet, and I also love facilitating an event or an environment where people can share faith.

Olli, Manchester uni student

Chloe, Swansea Student Worker
I relate to Jesus in a really practical way. I know what he's done for me, I understand God is my guide, friend, father and I connect to through reading my bible and learning his characteristics. I love to tell people about Jesus through practically living out my faith everyday. If people can practically see Jesus in how we live and what we invite our mates to, then they may discover him for themselves.

Chloe, Swansea Student Worker

A bit more:

'Show me' people are practical and down-to-earth; they are interested in seeing the difference Jesus makes in everyday life. At a party, 'show me' people have already made the playlist and they're the ones checking - do the speakers work? Does everyone have a drink in their hand?They like to get on with things - in the most efficient way possible of course - and will act quickly and confidently when they know what to do. They enjoy a good problem to solve and aren't afraid to get hands on - whatever it takes to help make the community work. They are problem-solvers who see problems as a challenge and are happy to do whatever is required to get a job done. 

'Show me' people are interested in efficiency, detail and action – not only will they keep things running smoothly, they'll show more of Jesus' love to those around them through the way you serve.

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