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Convince me

A ‘Convince me’ person likes to weigh stuff up before coming to conclusions.

Top tips for this style:

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Tiwa, Norwich Uni Student
As a ‘convince me’ person I am usually quite hard to win over. I love a good debate and will usually ask for facts or proof of everything! When I have conversations with my non-Christian friends, I often try to convince them with proof of Jesus’ existence on earth, or miracles that I have witnessed. This is probably more of an intense approach and often does not work with people of a different style. But I am learning to trust God with the outcomes and am finding a deeper relationship with Him through this.

Tiwa, Norwich Uni Student

Richard, Guildford charity leader
It's so encouraging to know the way I think about and wrestle with faith can be helpful to others. There's strong evidence for our faith in Jesus and I enjoy sharing this. I'm also up for being asked 'hard' questions by friends who don't yet believe in God because it causes me to think things through in new ways too.

Richard, Guildford charity leader

A bit more:

'Convince me' people love to get to grips with the facts, theories and evidence around things. Whether it's the existence of God, climate change or what makes the best coffee shop, they've thought it through. They'll be the one to point out the plot holes in the film you're watching and they'll probably suggest a more believable alternate ending too. When it comes to Jesus they're looking for it all to makes sense. They thrive in well-structured situations and when they get space to think independently. 'Convince me' people have really wrestled with their own reasons for putting their trust in Jesus and so they love discussions where these reasons can be explored with other people still searching. 

Being led by thoughts more than feelings, 'convince me' people can naturally influence those around them to think through their faith too and know they can stand on solid foundations. 

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